Partial Body


“Gain control to change the shape of your body, and make your hips look like an apple.”
Get rid of the flesh under your buttocks, and develop some healthy, resilient apple hips!
“Women's charms up, lift those hips up up up!”

“Achieving the golden ratio starts at the waist and hips.”
“A program that prevents diseases that are common among women while reviving your beautiful curves by focusing on sagging hips. The goal is to stretch the elastic hip line and lower body.”

이런 분들께 추천드립니다

  • A body shape with no lines between the legs and hips
  • A person with tense hips
  • A person with lower body cramps
  • A person with cold hands and feet
  • A person who wants a beautiful lower body


  • Step. 01

    Foot Care

    Care that provides recovery for foot fatigue and offers fresh convergence.
  • Step. 02


    Relaxing a tense body to maintain balance and help with circulation
  • Step. 03

    Hip Balance

    Care that improves a distorted pelvis, facilitates better blood circulation, and corrects posture
  • Step. 04


    Relax tense areas to relieve pressure from stiffness and improve mobility
  • Step. 05

    Jade Therapy

    The special wavelengths emitted by JADE help to increase the body’s temperature, release waste, effectively manage relaxation, and relieve stiffness
  • Step. 06

    Manual- technique

    Through lymphatic drainage, you can relieve tension, achieve better balance, and control your body's ability to discharge waste.
  • Step. 07


    An adjustable wave management program that rebalances a loose body while restoring resilience and lifting the hips
  • Step. 08

    Ending ritual

    Put an end to the need for rituals that use peppermint oil and cypress oil to relieve stress and relax tension within the body

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